One Product

Our Philosophy

We believe in the power of a systematic and deliberate approach to TEAM-Work.

Better outcomes and lower costs require active management of care. TEAM of Care embeds systematic action into clinical and administrative workflows and management, using real-time data from an array of sources and systems.

With TEAM of Care's workflow coordination system, organizations can achieve and sustain exceptional operational performance by addressing three essential questions:

  • Once an organization defines its strategic goals, it needs to define the specific actions that will achieve those goals.
  • Many of these tactics will involve operational processes and workflows the organization expects will consistently deliver results.
  • The organization needs to define the business rules for critical tasks, action owners, sequence, and timing of high priority activities.
  • To operationalize these tactics, the organization needs to design, integrate, distribute, and manage the critical tasks performed by the available TEAM.
  • The TEAM-Playbook defines those tactics as process flows, including performance metrics, and then automates those tactics into user actions that we call TEAM-Work.
  • As a result, all TEAM-Work is tied directly to performance.
  • Great plans aren’t enough.  It’s important to know whether the work is completed as designed.
  • TEAM of Care establishes real-time visibility to the status and progress of TEAM-Work – for TEAM members and for management.
  • If the work is not getting done, it is important to know why.  Sometimes operational or organizational issues cause a backlog.  TEAM-Management features allow managers to reallocate and redistribute the work across the TEAM.
  • Sometimes work isn’t getting done for other reasons, such as training or staffing.  In TEAM of Care, you can rapidly identify those issues, make changes, and get them out to the field.
  • If the TEAM is completing the most critical actions, can you see a direct correlation to measurable results.
  • TEAM of Care ties process measures directly to outcome measures, so you always know whether TEAM-Work is making an impact.
  • What if the work is not making an impact?  Now you have a defined process and process measures to evaluate your tactics.  If you need to change the workflows, you can update the TEAM-Playbook and TEAM-Work in a matter of days.
  • TEAM of Care’s tracking and reporting tools allow administrators to achieve systematic ROI by giving them real-time visibility into clinical, operational and financial performance.