Make it easy for TEAMs to work together

By definition, TEAM-Work involves input and activity from more than one person.  High-performing healthcare organizations engage in cross-functional and cross-enterprise business and clinical work to serve their patients and achieve their objectives.  Using the data and workflows in existing systems, everyone on the TEAM knows what is expected of them and can easily complete the work they need to do to contribute to the success of the TEAM.

  • Role-based and rule-based task assignment and permissions
  • Assign actions to internal TEAM members
  • Assign actions to external TEAM members
  • Track and manage completion of tasks for all TEAM members
  • One action owner, one due date
  • Clear instructions and easy to use forms to complete actions
  • Tasks are delivered to a personal task inbox in TEAM-Win or in the EHR
  • Tasks can also be sent by email or text
  • Everyone on the TEAM has visibility to TEAM-Work
  • See what’s been done and what is left
  • Know when a task is done.
  • Define the WIN (What is Next?)