Solutions for Health Plans

TEAM of Care works with health plans and other risk-bearing organizations to offer an entirely new level of payer-provider integration. TEAM of Care uniquely combines data from claims and analytics with real-time, point-of-care clinical data directly in the workflow of providers and care coordinators. Using our proprietary action management algorithms, providers can systematically conform to the goals and targets known to produce better care outcomes and less cost variation for effective population health management. Using TEAM of Care’s unique approach, health plans enable their clinical partners to improve medical loss ratios (MLR) and star ratings with automated and streamlined clinical interventions that occur before costs and gaps occur.

The TEAM of Care ACO Performance Management Software enables:

  • Proactive engagement of providers and patients
  • Actions for care and compliance throughout each care lifecycle
  • Monitoring and managing of risk-stratified populations
  • Standardized actions tied to quality measures
  • Management of cases through the entire care continuum
  • Identification and implementation of the most appropriate use of care resources
  • Assessment, engagement and monitoring of member compliance
  • Arming providers with real-time performance feedback