TEAM of Care

The Only Software Solutions Developed Specifically for Maximizing ACO Performance

The TEAM of Care model uniquely combines best-practice operational processes with the most advanced healthcare technology platform in the world to deliver real-time, evidence-based medicine across a diverse TEAM of providers.

What makes us different is our:

Our technology has been built from the ground up for systematic care coordination across the continuum. The only way to manage a large number of actions across multiple participants in different locations is through technology.  The TEAM of Care software distributes work activities based on organizational priorities using plans, alerts, messages, and results.  We send this information to the entire TEAM, using live, dynamic data from all sources, enabling ACOs to manage and coordinate the care activities inside and outside the organization – across the entire continuum of care.

All rules and logic built into our system are designed to deliver maximum value and systematic ROI for ACOs.

Better outcomes and lower costs require active management of care. TEAM of Care embeds systematic action into care coordination work flow and management, using real-time clinical data, enabling ACOs to actively manage plans, delivery and compliance with evidence-based care practices across a wide variety of providers and care settings.

TEAM of Care connects a diverse and virtual care TEAM by coordinating tasks and actions between care settings, ensuring that providers, care coordinators and patients all work from a single, unified plan and set of information. Care coordination actions and interventions are triggered by real-time data and set by the TEAM of Care work flow rules engine.

Impacts: Does everyone in your ACO have one way to reduce or eliminate these common inefficiencies?

With TEAM of Care, they will!