TEAM of Care

TEAM Performer – For Exceptional Performance, Your TEAM Needs the Right Equipment

TEAM Performer is the fully integrated, fully functional version of the TEAM of Care software. For maximum success as an ACO, the organization needs an infrastructure to execute and manage care delivery and business performance at all points where patients will receive care. TEAM Performer provides this infrastructure by consuming structured and unstructured clinical data, processing these through the TEAM of Care rules engine, and managing clinically and operationally integrated steps across the entire enterprise.

Key features and benefits of TEAM Performer include:

The algorithms and rules in the TEAM of Care platform create the specific tasks and actions for providers and their staff to execute and adhere to the plans of care they set for their patients.

TEAM Performer connects care coordination activities among all providers and entities participating in the ACO. The software uses clinical data to trigger rules and actions directly in the workflow.

Using electronic patient data and predefined priorities of work, TEAM of Care queues up actions that reduce costs and improve results.

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