TEAM of Care

Give Your TEAM a Powerful Tool to Increase Shared Savings

TEAM of Care’s ACO performance management software embeds systematic action into care coordination workflow and management to achieve ACO goals across the continuum of care.  The software is powered by an automated rules engine and proprietary algorithms that leverage clinical data embedded in the workflow to generate specific, real-time actions for care TEAM members that maximize performance.

TEAM of Care ACO Performance Management Software has functional advantages not available anywhere else in the market.

Every action in the TEAM of Care algorithms represents a proven practice to improve care outcomes, reduce cost of care, or satisfy reporting compliance. These are the actions that yield performance – so that is where we focus.

The software gives care TEAM members a single, unified view of the patient’s coordination plan – a synchronized set of plans and actions across multiple conditions, providers, and points of care.

TEAM of Care’s tracking and reporting tools allow administrators to achieve systematic ROI by giving them real-time visibility into clinical, operational and financial performance.

The technical advantages of our solution also produce better outcomes and user adoption.

The software uses real-time clinical data to trigger actions that are defined by the rules engine and tied to ACO performance.

Before deploying the software, TEAM of Care works with its customers to fully understand their unique patient population characteristics, payer mix, resources, and other key data to configure the care activity and coordination for the workflow engine.

TEAM of Care’s software platform integrates with care providers’ practices and hospitals, and can obtain data from all types of health information systems (EMRs, HIE, etc.), using interface standards such as HL7, CCD and others.

The software features an extensible framework that enables alerts and actions to be sent via secure email and text messages.

TEAM of Care’s software is designed to enable a functional progression along a continuum of growth. The company configures its software with specific TEAM actions to match an organization’s immediate goals and objectives, then adds enhanced capabilities as the organization’s needs change and expand over the long term.


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