TEAM of Care

A Solution Purpose-Built to Achieve Fee-for-Value Goals

Today’s movement towards a “Fee-for-Value” model of healthcare presumes a high level of collaborative care, which demands an infrastructure that simply does not exist today. Care and payment models such as Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), Health Homes, Bundled Payments, and any Clinical Integration program require a more systematic approach to improving care outcomes and reducing costs between disciplines and sites of care.  TEAM of Care establishes a robust IT infrastructure across the full continuum of care.  Our care coordination and performance management software ensures that everyone is doing their part — patients, providers, care coordinators, and ancillary service organizations.  Through better visibility into care and action plans, communication among patients and a multitude of providers, and efficient resource allocation, Fee-for-Value participants improve adherence to prescribed services and reduce variation of the types and timing of care.

TEAM of Care enables organizations who are transitioning to a fee-for-value model to successfully scale with a technology-enabled, team-based approach to care coordination management. Best-in-class healthcare providers will be those who actively manage care plans, care delivery, and compliance with evidence-based workflow across a wide variety of providers and care settings.

All fee-for-value organizations strive for the same goals: better outcomes at reduced costs. TEAM of Care’s software platform provides these organizations with a systematic path to achieve these goals by defining and automating the rules and roles, actions and measurement needed to profitably manage the full care cycle.

After 100 Years, Baseball Learned to Focus on the Actions that Score Runs – Now There's Moneyball for Healthcare